Teach your students the most important food safety principles with
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About eFoodHandlers®

Each year, eFoodhandlers trains thousands of school students nationwide. Our mission is to promote food safety education through affordable training resources. That’s why we donate free training to financially-challenged classrooms.

Basic Food Safety

Students learn Basic Food Safety Principles through our 6-Part ANSI-Accredited online training program. Upon successful completion, students can earn a 3 year food safety certificate that can give them a kickstart to their food service career.

Basic Food Safety
Advanced Food Safety

Advanced Food Safety

Do your students want to take the next steps in the restaurant industry? Our national Food Manager Certification program gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills while preparing them for management level roles in food service.

Tools for Teachers

Our easy-to-use teachers’ portal creates a streamlined process to manage your students and classrooms.

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